Energy Room

Energy is the potential to do work. We use energy every day for cooking, heating, traveling and manufacturing. In our country, the electricity we use for much of our energy needs is generated from coal, which is a non-renewable resource and a fossil fuel.

Burning fossil fuels release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is one of the main greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

In our energy room we look for solutions for this crisis. We need energy for cooking, heating, traveling and work, but can we use sources of energy that will put less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? We explore renewable and clean energy sources like solar, wind, or water.

We also explore ways of saving energy such as building energy efficient houses, using less energy for cooking, lighting and other household appliances. Much of the ways we use energy also cause indoor pollution, which is bad for our health, so we look at ways of reducing indoor air pollution.


We offer three programmes in the Energy Room applicable to the school curriculum.
These programmes are:

Cutting the cost through insulation: transfer of heat, insulation, how to use insulation to save electricity Gr 7 NS
Global warming and climate change, energy change, Renewable forms of energy Gr 8 NS, Tech
How is electricity generated, measuring of electricity and your carbon footprint, generating electricity from renewable resources. Gr 9 NS, Tech