Youth Clubs

WSEC started six youth clubs for Secondary school learners between Grade 10,11.  The Grade 10 and 11 Life Sciences learners have environment as a strand in their curriculum, and they have to cover a number or environmental topics.  So the idea originated to support them by starting a quiz group.  Later on activities like starting an indigenous garden at the schools, recycling and clean ups were added.

The WSEC youth clubs have centered their activities on an award system.  For every 25 marks the children get, they get a WSEC token.  By the end of the year we look at how many marks each group has accumulated.  In this way everyone gets rewarded for his contribution towards a cleaner environment.

Youth Clubs choose their own committee at the school and together with facilitator of the centre, they draw up their own one year program, which can include some of the following activities:

Enviro Code

  • Start by writing an Enviro Code for your club, i.e. a kind of behavior that your youth club members will commit to.

Outings, films and visiting speakers

  • Arrange visits to interesting places, e.g. the Zoo
  • Invite somebody to join one of your club meetings and give a presentation

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  • Conduct a waste audit at your school to find out how much waste is produced per day, per week, per month.
  • Is any of the waste reusable or recyclable?
  • Can your school start a recycling project? Contact companies like Mondi and Collect a Can

Environmental Quiz

  • Participate in the environmental Quiz arranged by WSEC.

Indigenous Gardening

  • Turn a piece of school garden into an indigenous Water Wise garden that will attract animals such as birds, butterflies and chameleons to your garden.  Make labels for the indigenous plants to help everybody learn their names and interesting facts about them.  Participate in the Schools Greening Project arranged by WSEC.

Take Action to improve health and safety in your community

  • You can start to adopt a certain area in your community and do regular clean ups and beautify the place.  Arrange a big clean up during National Clean Up Week

Enviro drama

  • Participate in the Enviro Drama Competition at WSEC.

Environmental Leadership Youth Camp

  • Attend the Eco Camp at WSEC once a year.

Removing alien invasive plants

  • Your club could participate in a campaign to remove alien invasive plants from your area and replace them with indigenous plants.

 Vegetable garden

  • Develop a veggie patch at your school and learn how to grow your own organic food.


Clean-up and Recycle Week 2016 – On 17 September staff from our Centre and volunteers from our Environmental Youth Clubs and the community came together to clean up the adjacent Nelson Mandela Park and the Spruit (river) that runs alongside the Centre. During the clean-up volunteers were also educated on fungi and other organisms that flourish when litter ends up in our water resources.