Community Workshops

Medicinal Plants Workshop

Using our permaculture garden and the Permaculture Medicinal Garden Handbook, we host workshops to transfer indigenous knowledge using medicinal plants for primary and preventative health care. We look at a number of indigenous plants, learning how to from them, harvest them and prepare them into useful household items, such as soap and medicines.

5 Day Permaculture Gardeners

In this home grown course ‘Participants learn about the ethics and principles of permaculture with practical exercises in the garden. Taught over 5 days starting with an introduction to permaculture principles and ethics, leading into water cycles and harvesting, Day three covers soil, the nutrient cycle, basic ecology and compost-making practicals. Day four is about plants and sustainable organic gardening, planning and mapping. The final day starts with a seed and seedling practical, mulching and the distribution of resources for start-up gardens.

Sustainable Living Workshops

These are two-day workshops for communities to empower them with skills on  living a healthy life in a healthy environment. The workshop can be tailor made to meet various needs, but basically it covers the following:

The health and concern for conserving our life support systems.  We look at healthy food, and follow the footprint of the food we buy in our supermarkets. Sometimes the trail is not so healthy.  While learning about healthy food we encourage growing your own food and cook a meal using a sun stove and hotbox, to demonstrate more sustainable life style choices.  The workshop can also be combined with the workshop on medicinal plants and the use of herbs in your garden that can be used for home remedies.