The Team

The Team

Miko Khalo ~ Centre Manager

I started working at JNF Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre in 2020. I am a Senior Education Specialist with the Gauteng Department of Education.  Environmental education is important in the face of global warming and the associated risks that our planet face. 

Naome Rabothata ~ Environmental Education Facilitator and Centre Administrator


I started working at JNF Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre in 2005. I like working with kids and to see their faces light up when they have made a discovery.  Environmental education is learning whilst having fun, which we love to call ‘edutainment ‘. This is what I like about my work, having fun while working. If I could I would recommend this as a career to everyone. What the future holds for the centre and me is unknown,  but I am looking forward to unfolding the unknown.

Solomon Kutamela ~ Environmental Education Facilitator


I work as an Environmental education facilitator. I love my work because I get to inform learners and the community, and teach them about the environment and even the community. I would like to see the centre growing and be able to take care of places near Pretoria and also enable people.  “Man has to eat you know.”

Jabu Madzela~ Environmental Education Facilitator & Community Liaison Officer


I’m very calm and I feel very fortunate to be working here. I have learned a great deal working as an environmental education facilitator and as a community liaison officer focused on community projects. People who speak their minds and stay true to themselves divinely move me, and I believe in doing good in someone’s life every day. My dream is to see our centre facilitating a number of projects in the community that I could run and manage. Life is good, we all have an obligation to make it better.

Silence Chauke ~ Groundsman


I joined the JNF Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre to assist in the maintenance and development of the Permaculture garden. I like working with my team and enjoy gaining new knowledge and skills to make the garden work better and be more beautiful.

Itumeleng Mamogobo ~ Nursey

I joined the JNF Walter Sisulu Environmental Centre in 2020 to assist in the maintenance of the Community Connect Nursery where we propagate waterwise plants and indigenous trees for our school and community greening programmes. Planting trees have many benefits such as noise and dust reduction and it makes our environment more beautiful.